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Alignment Based Yoga Specialist™ABYS Certification Now Available

What is an Alignment-Based Yoga Specialist™?


An Alignment Based Yoga Specialist™ is someone who has trained in the foundations of Alignment Based Yoga under the direction of the Lundberg Yoga School.


Alignment Based Yoga focuses on understanding how to practice yoga in a way that is accommodating to the patient/student and is able to fit EVERY body. With a foundational understanding of applied body mechanics through yoga, an ABYS certified yoga provider can modify poses to fit the needs of their patients/students, making yoga accessible and safe for more people to explore. 

Healthcare providers use their training in Alignment Based Yoga to provide supportive movement practices tailored to the needs of their patients for overall better health, rehabilitation, and/or prescriptive purposes. Registered Yoga Teachers learn to modify poses based on a student's needs and are able to offer more options in their group classes and private sessions to create a safe, sustainable, and healing yoga practice. 

Becoming an Alignment Based Yoga Specialist™ certified provider opens you up to new possibilities in what you are able to offer your patients and students, as well as applying these principles in your own life/practice. 

Lundberg Yoga School has over 6 years of experience training individuals to teach safe and sustainable Alignment Based Yoga. There is a reason why we receive the highest rating on Yoga Alliance and have overwhelmingly positive reviews from healthcare providers and yoga teachers. 

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The mission of the Lundberg Yoga Teacher Training Program is to create excellence in each graduate and prepare them to share yoga in a way that is accessible to all who have a desire to move their bodies, minds and souls through the practice of asana. It is our desire that we not only train our graduates to teach proper alignment in the yoga postures, but that they themselves find greater alignment with who they are and how they want to show up and serve in this world. 


Students will learn discipline of body and mind through:

  • Understanding the importance of alignment principles in yoga

  • Applying these alignment principles to the practice of yoga and yoga teaching 

  • Creating excellence in themselves, their practice and their teaching techniques

  • Exploring and nurturing their personal alignment in body, mind and spirit.