Women Practicing Yoga Outdoor

4Week Course: Intro to Yoga



Dr. Leasa Lowy 

Course runs February 22-March 15, 2021

This course is for you if:

  • You are interested in learning how to get started in yoga in a gentle, safe, and sustainable way.

  • You may have limited mobility and/or not feel sure that yoga is a good fit for you but would like to try it.

  • You are looking to gain strength, flexibility and increased balance.

What is included in this 4 week course?

  • Weekly 60 minute ZOOM class that you can attend LIVE or watch and do at your convenience 

  • 20 step-by-step short video tutorials

  • Learn how YOUR body can access yoga poses in gentle, safe and sustainable ways

  • How to modify yoga poses to fit YOUR body, not the other way around

  • Instruction on what yoga props are and how to use them

  • An introduction to the different styles of yoga so you can make informed choices about what is right for you

  • Instructor feedback on next steps for YOUR practice

  • Learn how to establish a home practice and how to set yourself up for success to practice yoga virtually 

  • 2 guided audio meditations

  • Small class size

 Course Price: $79